June 5, 2015

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Moroccan Chicken Salad

Moroccan Chicken Salad

This salad is really, really hearty. It has many flavors and tasty bites of different consistencies. I wouldn’t plan on serving anything else with this salad, it’s an entire meal (and a half!) in and of itself. Kids really love all of the flavors. Give it a try and enjoy this delicious salad. Recipe by […]

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June 4, 2015

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Why Coconut Oil KILLS Belly Fat

coconut oil to burn fat

I’ve run across some VERY interesting studies recently on the relationship between coconut oil (or any type of coconut fat, including coconut milk and cream) and how it can affect your body fat… The findings may surprise you! A 2009 study published in the Journal Lipids consisted of testing the effects of either 2 tablespoons […]

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June 3, 2015

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Boost Energy Without Caffeine

When you think of increasing your energy levels, there are not a lot of natural alternatives that come to mind. You might think the only ways to boost your energy levels include drinking coffee, energy drinks or taking some sort of stimulant. This is simply not true. There are a number of ways you can […]

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June 1, 2015

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5 Steps – How To Get Shredded For Summer

Are you panicking yet that summer is really right around the corner? Are you suddenly wishing you hadn’t eaten that extra piece of pecan pie, all the candy in your stocking, the entire box of Valentine’s chocolates you got, and all your kid’s Easter candy? Yes, you’re not alone. It’s easy to look back and […]

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May 22, 2015

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3 TOP Fat Burning Breakfast Foods

Three of my favorite foods to eat in the morning are… Fat Burning Breakfast Food #3: Whole Eggs Eggs contain lean protein, friendly fats, B vitamins like choline for your heart and brain—and naturally occurring antioxidants that benefit your eyes. One study even found that, compared to those who eat bagels, people who eat two […]

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May 21, 2015

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3 WORST Foods To Eat In The Morning

I’m sure you’ve had those days where you wake up and scarf down something that’s convenient so you can get out the door as fast as possible. Now it should go without saying that starting your day with foods like doughnuts, pastries, or pancakes is a fat storing NIGHTMARE. But most folks turn to other […]

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April 29, 2015

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Is Cereal Bad For You?

These Cereals Destroy Your Hormones, Zap Your Energy & Cause Weight Gain Most cereals are promoted as “health foods” by the giant food corporations.  However, these sinister common breakfast foods that almost everyone consumes daily are killing you slowly, zapping your energy levels, causing diabetes, excess body fat, cancer, and even faster aging in your […]

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April 28, 2015

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Healthy Breakfast & Lunch Ideas

QUICK NUTRITION QUIZ – How do Your Breakfast and Lunch Food Choices Stand Up to the Test? by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer Author – The Truth about Six Pack Abs Which is a healthier meal choice for breakfast? Meal #1: a low-fat blueberry muffin and an orange juice Meal #2: a cheese […]

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April 27, 2015

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Broccoli & Beef Recipe

Broccoli & Beef Stir Fry Enjoy all the pleasures of eating Chinese take out with this healthy broccoli and beef recipe. Recipe by Diana Keuilian. Author of the cookbook Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals   Prep time: 20 mins Cook time: 20 mins Total time: 40 mins INGREDIENTS Serves 6 • ⅔ cup coconut aminos […]

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