Customized Fat Loss Review

January 30, 2015

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Customized Fat Loss Program

Product Description:

The Customized Fat Loss program was created by Kyle Leon, a fitness trainer and nutrition expert. Kyle was the creator of The Muscle Maximizer system which is one of the bestselling bodybuilding systems online.customized fat loss review

Kyle provides massive value with his products and this one does much more than just help you lose weight. You will get a thorough understanding of the concepts of fat loss or bodybuilding.

The Customized Fat Loss program takes the same tone as The Muscle Maximizer. It addresses your body type. You are taught to eat for your body type and train in a way that suits your body type.

If you compare this with another excellent guide on the market, The Truth About Abs by Mike Geary, this product is much more detailed and body type specific. How does that help you?

Well, both systems will give you results but the Customized Fat Loss program will give you a slight edge because it caters more to your body type. That probably explains why it’s pricier too. Yet, it is an excellent investment.

The Good Points:

1)    It deals with different body types. That is probably the unique selling point of this product. It’s not a one size fits all method. This is for the extremely goal oriented person who wants fast results without wasting time. The Customized Fat Loss program will shed the fats in no time at all.

2)    It comes with a money back guarantee. A definite sign that this product is a safe investment and worth every cent.

3)    You’re taught to eat in a manner that is appropriate for your age and body type. This is specialized information that is only available from a qualified nutritionist. Kyle gives excellent information here.

4)    You’re taught to lose weight without sacrificing precious muscle. Forget the hours of mind numbing cardio sessions that will make you lose weight but you’ll end up looking drawn out and scrawny. You want to look fit and healthy and not like someone who has been starved, washed and hung out to dry.

The Customized Fat Loss program will melt off your fat and leave you looking absolutely healthy and fit.

The Bad Points:

1)    This is a Kyle Leon product so you can bet that there is a ton of info here. This may lead to information overload. Do not rush through it. People often want to rush through it and the info in this massive product will leave them overwhelmed. Take your time.

2)    As with most online programs, you’ll need an internet connection and computer to purchase the product and read it.

3)    The program is not really for inexperienced people or newbies.

Should You Get It?

If you want a thorough understanding of fat loss and how to maximize your fat loss based on your body type, then yes, this product is for you.

If you’re into bodybuilding and you have gained quite a bit of muscle and at the same time gained some fat (which is perfectly normal), you may wish to burn off the unnecessary fat to look more ripped. Then, this program is definitely for you. It was made for you.

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