Are Diet Pills Safe and Effective?

October 7, 2015

Healthy Dieting Tips

This is a very common question and there are 2 reasons why it is even asked in the first place.

The first reason is that the problem of obesity is getting uncontrollable. More and more adults all over the world are getting fatter and unhealthier. There is no easier or nicer way to say it.

The second reason is that many people are looking for a fast solution to their weight problems. We live in a world of quick fixes, mobile phones, microwaveable meals and instant gratification.

So, of course there must be a pill that you can swallow that will magically make your fat disappear, right?

Wrong. The hard truth is there isn’t any diet pill on the market that can make you lose weight quickly.

Most people gain weight naturally by eating too much and exercising too little. Common sense will dictate that losing weight will have to take place naturally too with more exercise and by eating less.

You may wonder about the diet pill commercials and glowing testimonials from success stories. It all seems so promising and tempting.

Let’s examine the first part of the question – Are diet pills safe?

The answer is that it’s anyone’s guess. The diet pill companies will state that they have conducted tests and it all seems just fine and the side effects are minimal. They may throw in words like ‘clinically proven’ and ‘approved’.

However, the long term side effects are not known. The slimming pills you take today may have effects 30 years down the road. Nobody knows what they are because the studies have not gone on for that long. All results are based on findings in the short term.

My personal philosophy on diet pills is that you cannot hope to lose weight by eating something else.

Now let’s examine if diet pills are effective.

The answer to this is yes and no.

In the short term, diet pills may prove highly effective. There are several types of diet pills. Some claim to bind fat so that you can excrete the fat. Others attempt to suppress your appetite so that you eat less. Then there are pills that boast of their ability to raise you metabolic rate.

Now, what you need to realize is that these pills may do what they claim to do. The glowing testimonials from slim happy people may have a sliver of truth in them.

But, in the long run, all these pills will fail for one simple reason. You cannot be on these pills forever. The moment you stop your appetite suppressing pills, your appetite will be back with a vengeance and you will eat more and gain even more weight.

The same applies to any other pill. Once you stop, you’ll regain all your old weight and possibly more. No diet pill manufacturer will recommend that you be on their pills forever. It is often stated on diet pill bottles that the pills should be used together with a sensible diet and regular exercise.

If that is the case, why even bother with pills?

The only way to ever lose fat successfully and keep it at bay will be to eat properly and exercise as consistently as possible. This will not only keep you strong, fit and healthy but will be easier on your wallet too.

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