8 Important Foods for Weight Loss

July 28, 2015

Dieting for Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a slow, tiring process. Anybody who has embarked on a weight loss program can testify that it really was not that much fun. We are constantly looking for ways and means to give ourselves an edge and burn that extra bit of fat. weight loss food

There is a way to burn extra fat just by eating. Now that’s a dream come true. The catch is that you must eat these power foods and not junk food. Furthermore, you need to maintain a calorie deficit diet while eating these fat burning foods.

You do not have to eat all the foods in a day. Just one or two different types each day. Now let’s look at the power foods you should be consuming.

1.    Oatmeal – It is considered a “slow release” carbohydrate. When consumed about 3 hours before you work out, it will help you to burn more fat. Slow release carbohydrates are low GI foods. What that means is that these foods do not spike your blood sugar levels causing an insulin release unlike white bread or white rice. That makes them ideal for fat loss.

2.    Apples – An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Guess what? It keeps the fat at bay too. Apples are high in fiber and not only prevent weight gain but also encourages your body to lose fat.

3.    Mushrooms – Not only are they delicious but they are very satisfying too. Many dieters replace meats with Portobello mushrooms because they are just as yummy but have much fewer calories.

4.    Soup – It is a great idea to start your meal with a bowl of vegetable soup. Drinking soup before a meal makes you feel more full and you have less tendency to overeat. Soup generally contain 20% fewer calories than a normal meal.

5.    Desserts – Yes you read it right! Desserts. However, you may only indulge in the low calorie kind. Constantly being on a diet is no fun and takes a toll on you emotionally and mentally. Having a low calorie dessert will make you feel better and happier.

Countless people make the mistake of denying themselves sweet food and indulgences totally. When they do that, the body craves for such pleasures. Sooner or later, their will gives in and they end up stuffing their faces with cake or ice cream.

Therefore, eating a low calorie dessert occasionally will prevent this disaster from happening.

6.    Hot peppers – Eating hot peppers half an hour before your meal has been shown to reduce your appetite and make you feel less famished. You will end up consuming less calories.

7.    Almonds – They are a great addition to your diet. Chewing almonds will curb hunger pangs. They are also tasty, nutritious, a great fat burning snack and have many health benefits.

8.    Eggs – Definitely an important part of any diet. High in protein and very nutritious. Eggs have been proven to help people burn more fat and feel full for a longer period of time

By consuming these power foods, you will be giving yourself an extra edge to fight the fat. Try and include them in your diet whenever possible. Not only will you shed the pounds, but you’ll also enjoy the health benefits that come from consuming these healthy foods.

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