4 Ways to Exercise Despite A Busy Schedule

July 21, 2015

Dieting and Fitness

The most common excuse given by those who do not exercise is that they are busy and lack time. They say that their hectic jobs, family commitments and life in general get in their way when it comes to exercising. exercise in morning

Is this really true?

To a certain extent, the answer is yes. There is no doubt that some people may have demanding jobs. Over and above that, they may have to send their kids to school or other classes, etc. So how do you squeeze in time to work out?

Follow the 4 tips below and you should do just fine.

1. Wake up earlier.

There is no arguing that sleep is essential to good health. However, if you could go to bed just 30 minutes earlier and wake up 30 minutes earlier, you’d have time for a quick workout.

A 20 minute intense cardio workout will have you burning fat for the next 10 hours. That’s how effective it is. You’ll burn fat throughout the day and your metabolic rate will be elevated. You’ll also feel more refreshed and energetic.

After a few months of this, you will have lost weight and be in great shape. You will sleep better and even require less rest since your sleep will be better.

2. Reducing time spent on media activities

Most people enjoy majoring in minor things. By cutting down your time spent on media activities, you will find that you have more than enough time to squeeze in that much required work out.

What are media activities? I’ll give you a few examples. Watching tv, reading the newspapers which in most cases are only full of depressing events, surfing the internet aimlessly, watching videos on YouTube for hours, constantly surfing on Facebook and checking up on what others are up to, etc.

All these eat up your time. Go for that exercise session and work out hard. When you are resting and panting, then you may take out your smart phone and log into Facebook. Do what matters first.

3. Try and include exercise as part of your daily routine

If you live within running distance to your workplace, go ahead and run to work.

If it’s within cycling distance, get a bicycle and cycle back and forth to work and home. You will burn calories, save money on fuel and protect the earth. If your office is on the 20th floor, take the stairs. Run up the stairs if you’re feeling motivated. Every bit of movement counts when it comes to burning calories.

4. Use daily chores to burn calories

If you have to do the dishes, vacuum or mop the floor, mow the lawn, wash the car, etc set a timer and see how fast you can complete the job. The faster you do your chores, the more calories you will burn by raising your heart rate.

Burning extra calories and exercising can be done even if you are on a tight schedule. You have an obligation to yourself to take care of your health. Nothing is more important than your health. Health is a crown on a well man’s head that no one can see but a sick man. Keep fit and live well.

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